Here at “pics of trees” we’re all about photographs of particularly tall plants.


It all started when…

I was sitting in a class. My professor tasked myself and all of my peers with coming up with a website regarding Outdoor Adventure Leadership. As you may have guessed, I took the “Outdoor” part of that statement and ran with it.

I’ve always had a passion for trees. Ever since I was a child, I would climb them up and down until my fingers were raw. Now, as a young adult, I see trees in a new light. A Light that Shows me the sheer Density of life on this planet. I see, though I may never understand, how old life is. How it is held within the bark of a trillion trees across the globe, and in countless other species of plant, animal, and fungi.

When I see all the trees in my neighborhood, it reminds me that life is older than me. It makes me want to do something for the world. Which is why I’m so happy to bring this strange and redundant website into the world.



  • Trees are radical.

  • Trees are fantastical.

  • Trees are perennial.

  • In the winter, trees have icicles.


  • Trees breath CO2!

  • Trees exhale O2!

  • Trees and humans are in a respiratory cycle!

  • It’s honestly kind of gross if you think about it!