Some fun facts about trees!

Trees are fascinating. The things we’ve discovered about their lives inspire me, and only bring more questions to the table. Trees communicate with each other, they show altruism, a sense of danger and pain. They keep each other alive even when death would otherwise be certain. In Peter Wohlleben’s “The Secret Life of Trees”, he discusses a centuries old stump that has been kept alive by neighboring trees. It makes a person wonder what they get out of it? What might the old souls of the forests know that wouldn’t be worth giving up?

Trees can live for thousands of years, so it goes without saying that their lives take place along a cycle that we humans couldn’t begin to imagine. Though we may never know what it’s like to live for millennia, we can see how their way of life has influenced them. Trees seem to understand teamwork on a grand scale, perhaps being alive so long has taught them that the best way to live together is to make sure every individual has a decent chance of succeeding. It may be that while a single tree may survive on its own, only a forest can truly thrive.

We could learn so much from trees, we as a species have a hard time thinking outside of ourselves and the social groups in which we live. Living in a society that rivals forests in size has it’s perks, but we still have a long way to go if we want to do it sustainably.

Owen Lucas